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Unfortunately, there are those who prey on unsuspecting people. There are no age boundaries. However, sometimes older adults are more trusting than others. Many grew up during a time when homes were left unlocked and children could play anywhere in the neighborhood without supervision. For many people, this is no longer the case.

As a caregiver, the more informed you are, the better you can help your family member not become a victim. If your family member does become a victim, there are legal remedies that may help.


Vulnerability Test for Older Adults and Families

A district attorney in Colorado developed two tests for vulnerability for older adults. One is to be taken by the older adult and one to be taken by family members and/or concerned friends. The intent is to identify danger signs to indicate a high likelihood of victimization. The Iowa Department of Elder Affairs adapted these tests and has put them online.

If, after taking the test, the older adult scores high on vulnerability, contact your local Area Agency on Aging for assistance and resources.




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