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For caregivers, the pace of time may seem to quicken. There is more to do in the same amount of time. When you need information, this can be an issue.

Caregiver Couple


One way to get basic information quickly is to watch a video.

One source for viewing caregiving issues online is videocaregiving. Terra Nova Films, a non-profit organization, offers "streaming" visual educational material to family caregivers. They offer short, simple and direct videos using real people and real situations as examples. These videos are good if you want a quick overview of the basic caregiving issues.

Caregiver - Man
Caregiver - Woman


The information is divided into two major categories: Alzheimer's and Caregiving.

Topic areas are:


  • Feelings of Those Who Live With the Disease
  • Coping With the Disease
  • Emotions of the Caregiver - Daughter and Mother
  • Emotions of the Caregiver - Son and Mother
  • Emotions of the Caregiver - One Expert's Thoughts
  • Simplifying Tasks for the Person With Alzheimer's
  • Activities for the Person With Alzheimer's
  • Communicating With Those Who Have Alzheimer's
  • Driving: Recognizing Trouble Ahead
  • Driving: Dealing With an Emotional Issue
  • Jordans - Downward Spiral
  • Jordans - Nursing Home Discussion




  • Caught in the Caregiver Web
  • Stroke - What Is It
  • Stroke - Dealing With It
  • Falling - Primer for Avoiding It
  • Falling - Facing the Fear
  • Home Care - Infection Control
  • Home Care - Lifting
  • Planning Ahead - Advanced Medical Directives
  • Understanding Caregiving - One Expert's Opinion

After watching the video(s) of your choice, click on "beyond the video". This page will identify the key video components in writing and they have a print version of the page.


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