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As a caregiver you will sometimes find that your situation doesn't seem to fit into common categories. You feel that your problem has a peculiar twist that makes finding an answer more difficult or less easy.

Caregiver Specialists are there to help. They have been hired by the local Councils or Departments on Aging. Each Area Agency on Aging usually has a Caregiver Specialist on staff as well.

They are available to answer your questions and to help you link with available local services that would help you perform your caregiver responsibilities. The services of caregiver specialists are free of charge.

NC We offer you the opportunity to correspond directly with a regional Caregiver Specialist via e-mail. Your questions will be strictly confidential and will allow you the freedom to phrase them and send them at any time of the day or night. The local specialist will then answer your question via e-mail as soon as possible.

Please do note that the confidentiality of the e-mail correspondence is maintained to the extent that e-mail is confidential. If you have a serious concern about confidentiality (beyond knowing that your information will not be shared without your consent), call the local Caregiver Specialist (link below) and talk to them directly.

Caregiver Specialists will help you help both your family member and yourself. Remember to be completely honest with them. Don't be embarrassed to share with them how you are feeling and coping with your situation and any specific problems you may be having. Anything you share will be held in confidence and they will not judge you or the situation you find yourself in. They want to help you which is why they have chosen this career

Caregiver Specialist
Caregiver Specialists
are Available to Help You


USAPersonalized assistance is available in every state through the Older American's Act and the Family Caregivers Support Program. States may vary slightly in the way assistance is offered so it is best to check with the Area Agency on Aging serving the county in which the person needing assistance lives. Ask for contact information for a Caregiver Specialist or an Information and Referral Specialist. You can also check with any local Senior Center in the area. They should know what is available locally. And, there is always the State Aging Agency which will have statewide information available.

When you find the contact information for the local Caregiver Specialist, e-mail them with your question or concern. Be sure to read the e-mail caveat above before sending personal information. Or, of course, you may always call.



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