North Carolina Veterans



Each state offers Veterans benefits in addition to benefits from the national Veteran's Administration.

The North Carolina Division of Veteran's Affairs offers information on:

  • education
  • scholarships
  • employment
  • guardians
  • licenses
  • handicapped parking privileges
  • voting
  • records
  • retirement credit
  • tax relief

They also offer information on cemeteries, nursing homes, other benefits, and local field offices.

Durham VA Medical Center
affiliated with Duke University School of Medicine. This Center provides general and specialty medical, surgical, psychiatric inpatient and ambulatory services, and serves as a major referral center for North Carolina, southern Virginia, northern South Carolina, and eastern Tennessee. 888-878-6890

Facilities in North Carolina
links to the NC network of VA facilities.

NC Division of Veteran's Affairs
provides the best information on what is available for Veteran's in North Carolina.

NC Division of Veteran's Affairs County Field Offices
provide service directly to Veterans and their dependents, and coordinate the activities of the affiliated County Service Officers within their districts.




* photo courtesy NC Division of Veteran's Affairs


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