Housing Options for NC Seniors


There are many housing options for older adults. They fall into three basic categories:


Independent Living

Independent Living has become a term used to describe housing options for older adults who need little or no on-going assistance to remain living independently in their own homes.

The types of independent living options are fairly consistent from state to state.


Locating Independent Living Housing

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North Carolina offers an Elder Housing Locator. It is a database compiled by the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services and the NC Association of Area Agencies on Aging to help consumers in North Carolina locate existing independent housing and long-term care options. Due to the difficulty in keeping such a database updated, it is suggested that this site be a start to your search.

Also, each local aging services provider such as Councils on Aging should be aware of local housing options. Your Area Agency on Aging can help you locate your local aging agency.




Local Chambers of Commerce, realtors, and local independent newspapers are also good sources of housing information.


Often, Area Agencies on Aging or local Councils or Departments on Aging will compile lists of local services, subsidized housing and apartments, CCRCs, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and alzheimer units. Typically, this information includes contact information and other relevant facts. Most are offered free of charge. Area Agencies on Aging will be able to provide you with information on finding local aging agencies.



If all this just seems like too much to handle by yourself, always feel free to consult with your local aging agency's Information & Assistance Specialist.
Information & Assistance Specialist



For information on home modifications and safety issues related to staying in your current home use the link below.





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