Adult Day Care & Adult Day Health


Man in Wheelchair

Adult Day Services are offered throughout North Carolina.

They must meet state standards to ensure a minimum level of quality. Adult Day services offer a valuable option to caregivers. They may provide the needed assistance to be able to keep your family member living at home.


Full Circle of Care offers additional information on Adult Day Services including what the programs typically offer, how to choose a center, payment information and more.


How Will I Know Good Care is Being Provided?

Adult Day Care and Adult Day Health providers must meet North Carolina State Standards for Certification. These standards are set by the Social Services Commission. The office of the Adult Day Care Consultant within the State Division of Aging and Adult Services is in charge of making sure the standards are followed. Routine monitoring of compliance is performed by Adult Day Care Coordinators located at county Departments of Social Services.

A single center may be certified to provide both Adult Day Care and Adult Day Health (which is more comprehensive and must offer health services in addition to other services).


Ask whether staff members have had specialized training and, if so, what type and what organization provided the training. This would be especially relevant for a center accepting Alzheimer's patients.




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