Support Groups
for Grandparents Raising Children

Grandparents caring for grandchildren usually do so because the parents are unable to do so. The stress of worrying about your children, the grandchildren in your care, money issues, and your own capability to handle the challenges of growing youngsters as your own health changes can be enormous. Support groups can be a great help.

How Support Groups Can Help

  • offer emotional support to grandparents who feel alone and isolated
  • create a network of grandparents who are in caregiving situations
  • offer guidance, assistance and advice to grandparents in their efforts to care for their grandchildren
  • give grandparents ideas on formulating positive solutions to difficult and challenging problems
  • serve as a clearinghouse for resources and information
  • offer a safe, understanding place for grandparents to discuss (and blow off steam) the emotional ups and downs of raising their grandchildren
  • provide tools for advocacy and awareness of the issues facing grandparents raising grandchildren


    *courtesy of the Illinois Department on Aging


Some agencies/groups/organizations have support groups specifically for grandparents raising grandchildren. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging or Caregiver Specialist to find out what is available in your area. If you do not find a group in place, consider joining a support group for caregivers. You may still find the support and help you need withing such a group. Or, try finding an online support group or chat room.


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