End of Life Planning and Information



Caregivers are asked to wear many hats. One of the "hats" they wear is helping the dying cope with death. Caregivers are often the person with a family member when he or she dies. Information and support can help with the challenges of coping with End of Life issues, both for the care receiver and for the caregiver.


The "Hands of Time"


There are steps that need to be carried out from the time caregiving begins to the time of death, and then until the final disbursement of the will.

Again, it is stressed that proper and timely estate planning can really help during this time. Having key decisions already made and agreed upon can be a comfort by itself. Even if you feel that your family member doesn't have enough assets to make pre-planning worthwhile, it will help to know what medical efforts your family member would want and for you, as the caregiver, to have the legal means to carry out those wishes.


Hands Reaching


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