Family Caregiving


Mother and Daughter
Mother and Daughter
Family with Grandmother



Family Caregiving is a term that could be used for any age. Our focus is to provide information and links to personalized assistance to family caregivers of older adults - whether relatives or not.


Caregiver issues tend to be relatively generic. What varies is what services are available locally and the level of training given to professionals and semi-professionals.

We will help you to understand the issues, know how to access help, and what questions to ask and what things to look for when you do get connected locally.

Wherever you see an icon of a USA map USA , you will know that the link will help you to find information and assistance anywhere in the United States. Since our agency is based in North Carolina, we felt that it was appropriate to take the extra step to identify services and assistance for our state. Wherever you see an icon of NC NC, you will know that the link will be relevant for NC caregivers or those trying to access service in NC.

We have an entire section specifically for NC caregivers :


However, we want caregivers to be able to quickly find help anywhere within the United States. So, we have several sections to help you do just that:


Due to the volume of information on the site, the site has been divided into topic sections. Relevant information can be accessed within each section. If, however, you cannot find what you need or if you get "lost", remember that you can get to our Topic Index from every page using the navigation bar. If you are still experiencing difficulty finding what you need, please let us know. We want to make your viewing experience easy and fruitful.


We encourage you to use our online form to give us feedback and to let us know how we are doing. We'd like to know where you are from and what needs are most pressing for you. Taking the time to contact us would help us to better serve all family caregivers of older adults.


Mother and Daughter
Older Man with His Dog
Granddaughter and Grandmother




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