Using the Internet and Computers to Stay Connected and Have Fun



Older Hands Using Computer Keyboard
Anyone and everyone
can use the Internet
to stay connected and have fun.
Will your family member be next?


Today's older adults did not grow up with computers. They did not learn how to use them and how they work in school. But, that's not stopping many seniors as they stay connected with friends and family, search for health related information, shop, or find information on a vast almost unlimited amount of other things. Using a computer to connect to the Internet is a wonderful way to learn new things and stay connected with life in an expanded way.

Older Couple Using Computer


If your family member is disabled or if his or her mobility is limited, the computer can offer a way to stay connected and to keep the ties to friends and family strong. Today, it is not necessary to own a computer to stay connected. Many Senior Centers have computers available and provide instruction on their use - often for free. Public libraries also offer free computer access. And, what grandkid wouldn't want to show what he or she knows by helping their Grandma or Grandpa learn to use e-mail (electronic mail) or shop online. Don't let your family member become isolated. Help them reach out.

SeniorNet is a nonprofit organization of computer-using adults, age 50 and older.

Older Couple Using Computer
SeniorNet members learn and teach others to use computers and communications technologies to accomplish a variety of tasks. They learn to touch up photos and send and receive them in email, to desktop publish anything from a newsletter to an autobiography, manage personal and financial records, communicate with others across the country and the world and serve their communities. The Senior Net website offers a discussion forum called the Senior Net Round Tables to help seniors discuss issues, share, and learn computer techniques and skills.


The more your family member stays connected with family, friends, and others, the less likely he or she is to become depressed with all those complications.


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