Paying for Funerals




Cremation as an Option

Typically, cremation is less expensive than a burial. Talk to your family member to see what his or her preference would be. The earlier you do this, the easier the talk will be.




Insurance is available if you plan far enough ahead. Talk to your agent.



Social Security Lump-Sum Death Benefit

You may be eligible for a Social Security Lump-Sum Death Benefit as well. (This link will tell you what to do related to Social Security benefits, step-by-step, when your family member dies).



Veteran's Benefits

If your family member was a spouse and a veteran, you will be eligible for benefits to help you pay for a funeral.


Military Funeral
Military Funeral


USA Contact your local Veteran's Affairs office
NC The NC Division of Veteran's Affairs can tell you if there are any additional benefits provided by NC that may be available to you.



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