Bereavement Fares and Discounts


Many travel related agencies and groups will discount travel expenses for trips to visit an ill relative or to attend the funeral of a relative. These discounts are known as bereavement fares and/or discounts.


For airlines, fares can be fifty to seventy percent off the regular full-coach fare. Proof of your situation will be required.


Amtrak offers a twenty-five percent discount off the full adult fare. There are restrictions and proof of your situation will be required. Contact them at 1-800-872-7245 or on the web at


Rates vary substantially for individual hotels. Call the hotel directly and ask for a supervisor. In addition to a reduced room rate, some may offer breakfast, discounted rental car and/or shuttle to and from the funeral. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, many hospitals have arrangements with hotels for discounted rates, which can be obtained with a note on hospital letterhead.

Travel Agencies

Travel agencies may be able to arrange last-minute specials that are more discounted than bereavement fares. Some agencies specialize in bereavement travel.



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