Disaster Preparedness Information
for Family Caregivers


Disasters can strike at any time. As a caregiver, you must prepare for both yourself and the person you are caring for.



Preparing for a disaster is often at the bottom of our "to do" list unless we have been through a disaster without pre-planning. And, even then, after the disaster has passed people tend to get busy with other things and never get around to the planning and preparation they need to do. Then, when the next disaster strikes, they lament their lack of preparation and have to pay the consequences.

A caregiver does not have this luxury! A caregiver has taken on the responsibility for someone who is dependent upon them. And, the lack of preparing ahead hits a caregiver particularly hard. It could hit YOU particularly hard.

Obviously, the most effective plan is preparedness.

Repairing Power Lines

First, plan for yourself and the entire family. Half the preparedness will then be done.


Second, plan for the special needs of your family member needing care.


Third, address disability and mobility issues if they haven't been covered by steps one and two above.


Satellite View of Hurricane

Please note that many of the outside links in this section are to the Disaster Preparedness section of our sister site, based in North Carolina. However, much of the information is generic and, if not, ask your local agencies about similar programs.

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