When Your Older Family Member
Has Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia


Having a loved one who has Alzheimer's disease or dementia is heartbreaking. Caregivers often have difficult choices to make. Stress becomes a vital part of the equation. Though it may never seem like enough, there is help available.

Help can come in a variety of ways. Sometimes understanding the behavior lessens the burden considerably. Sometimes having others to talk to and share with makes a difference. Knowing you're not alone in the world helps. And, depending on your location, there may be local services and/or resources that can provide you with some respite and relief.

We would like to share with you information that we hope will help.

Please remember that resources may vary from state to state and from county to county. Finding out what resources are available locally may take a little investigation. Your success will also be dependent upon whether you need information that is readily available twenty-four hours per day or if you need hands-on assistance. Hands-on assistance will vary from place to place; times offered will vary; the type of assistance will vary. Don't get discouraged. Across the country, agencies assisting caregivers are trying to work together to set up a system so that you can do the equivalent of "one stop shopping". It is harder to organize than it sounds like it would be. So, work with what is available and be mindful of stress. We will offer a lot of tips to help with stress relief. And remember, you are not alone.




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