Activities for Those With Alzheimer's


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The Living Center

Need an online activity for your family member with Alzheimer's? Need a way to spark discussions and remembering? Try " The Living Center".

You will go to a virtual living room where you can choose different online activities. It was created specifically to help family and friends spend enjoyable time with people who have Alzheimer’s disease.

Designed in conjunction with leading Alzheimer’s experts and computer scientists, The Living Center is meant to engage people in all different stages of Alzheimer’s.


  • The Map
    Browse old pictures from around the country and spark interesting reactions and conversations.
  • Flower Arranging
    Create and enjoy unique flower arrangements.
  • Art Box
    Watch animated kaleidoscope designs. Change the colors and shapes.
  • Sears Catalog
    Page through a 1950s Sears catalog and find your favorite items.
  • Garden Shed
    Organize a yard full of classic garden tools.
  • Puzzle
    Piece together a videogame-style puzzle. This is a great activity for children to do with grandparents.

The link below will take you to a website developed in conjunction with a two-hour documentary television special called "The Forgetting: a Portrait of Alzheimer's" on PBS. Click on "The Living Center". While you are on the PBS website, browse the information on "The Forgetting" show. Check with your local PBS station about air times or to request the program.


For more information on activities and communicating with a person who has Alzheimer's, try the Alzheimer's Association website .


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