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Our site is best viewed using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Also worthy to note is that this site views best in high resolution with a screen width of 1024 or better. How do you make that happen? Go to "Control Panel/Display/Settings". Then, look for "Screen Resolution". Move it to "More" or 1280x1024. This will reduce your text size a bit. However, many people find they like the look of websites better with the higher resolution.



We researched our viewers and found that most were using newer computers with the latest software. They were accessing at work and then again at home very late in the evening with high speed access. Due to the size of the site and the intended audience, we made the choice to expand the view and to add graphics to the site to enhance the experience.

We understand that this might limit some viewers. If this is the case for you, we encourage you to access the site at your local Senior Center or public library or on another computer with a wider screen.

We hope you will continue to visit and that you will find information that can make your caregiving experience more manageable and rewarding.





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